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27. oktoober 2016 Tallinnas Õpetajate Majas (sissepääs Vene tänav 5 uksest)

Koolitus on tasuta. Osalemiseks palun end kirja panna või 646 1005 hiljemalt 21. oktoobriks. NB! Osalejate arv on piiratud!


1. Research & Visualize: Google Search, Image Search, Social Media verification, Google Trends

This session will equip you with practical research tips and techniques to help you get more from using Google Search and Image Search. We'll point to data journalism tools that can help you research and visualize some of your story ideas, including a deep dive on how Google Trends can compliment your politics, sports or general news coverage. This section will include an introduction to Google Public Data and will be presented with examples from around the world.

2. Experimenting with video: YouTube360, VR
Immerse yourself in virtual reality, explore 360 degree video and stills and see how journalists from around the world are using cutting edge technology (and on a budget). This session will showcase the different styles of video formats - from traditional to immersive - with examples and directions towards further learning sites.

3. Storytelling with Maps: Google Maps, Google Earth, Fusion Tables, StorySpheres
From a breaking news situation to a feature length article - learn how Google Maps and Earth images can compliment your social media posts or add a visual element to you print and online articles.  We'll dive in to storytelling with maps, showcase examples with StreetView images and point towards Storyspheres - where audio brings panoramic images to life.

Lektor on Matt Cooke, Google News Lab Lead, UK, Ireland & Nordics 

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09.00 – 09.50    Koolitus

09.50 – 10.00    Kohvipaus

10.00 – 11.00    Koolitus



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