Estonian Newspaper Association

Estonian Newspaper Association (EALL) is an non-profit organisation working in the common interests of newspapers. EALL unites 38 newspapers published in Estonia, with a total daily circulation of 587,000 copies.

EALL aims at defending the common interests and rights of newspapers, proceeding from internationally recognized principles of democratic journalism.
To fulfil its goals EALL:

  • represents newspapers by influencing processes relating to newspaper publishing (lobby in parliament, distribution, printing, advertising, ownership);
  • develops co-operation with media organisations in Estonia and abroad;
  • offers member papers a chance to exchange ideas and compare notes in a professional environment;
  • in conjunction with Press Council, upholds good journalistic practice and fights against violations of the freedom of the press;
  • promotes access to public information as a right of every citizen;
  • organises training courses for newspaper managers and editors, arranges contests for newspapers;
  • collects and publishes media statistics, distributes information on newspapers from Estonia and abroad;
  • nominates annually the most press-friendly and the most press-hostile public figure.

EALL was founded in 1990.
EALL is a member of the World Association of Newspapers (WAN) since 1991.
is a member of the News Media Europe (NME).
is financed from membership fees.



Estonian Newspaper Association

Pärnu mnt 67A
10134 Tallinn Estonia
Tel. +372 646 1005
Fax. +372 631 1210

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